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Billetproof California 2003 Pictures and Recap

Year seven was another blast. Billetproof found the Antioch Fairgrounds to be a great fit. The place was bursting at the seams with 638 vehicles and over 3,000 people. It was a scorcher, but the grass and shade afforded some relief from the heat. Tons of new cars and new faces. The addition of the Kustomizing Kompetition was a hit! A smiling and pointing crowd watched the two teams cut, weld, and hammer two Rancheros into their new shapes, the WeirdOh’s winning with their black, flamed, scalloped, and chopped entry. The competition in the show gave the judges plenty to do and some hard decisions to make. 2003 gave us our first two-time Best of Show winner in Stephen’s radically carbureted beast of a sedan. (Special thanks to Brett Gourdie, Mark Shaneyfelt, Purple, and Moochie for their 2003 photos.)