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Billetproof California 2011 – Pictures and Recap

WOW… what a show. The fairgrounds was packed, the weather was perfect and the energy of the show was really cool. Everyone was geared up to have a good time. Its funny, what people had complained about in past years (too many cars, too many people) were the same things that people were raving about this year… “WOW, there are so many cars, and so many people, its REALLY a good show!!!” Go figure :D, but everyone came with a good attitude ready to have a good time and it showed. The energy of the show was really high and lots of fun. Everyone REALLY liked the Pin-Up Dunk Tank benefiting The Scarlet Fever Fund put on by The Road Lords. The bands rocked so hard they blew out the P.A. and some of the food vendors ran low on grub. The car count was up by about 10-15% over last year, but most importantly the quality of the cars was up. The Dragoons did a GREAT job at the gate and got everyone in real smooth like. We had over 750 cars already in the gate by about 9am and hit over 900 before the day was done.

A HUGE thanks goes out to the Dragoons for their hard work helping with the show. And thanks to all the clubs that made and presented trophies. And most of all, thanks to all the showed up. Like I say at the end of every show, I ‘m just some guy that rents the fairgrounds and books the bands, ya’ll bring the show and energy, and ya’ll brought a GREAT show with you this year. I had a BLAST and was busy from start to finish talking with friends, taking pics, trying to make sure things ran smooth and even occasionally looking at some hot rods.

Thanks again all… hope to see ya’ll next year.