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Billetproof Florida 2018 – Pin-Up Contest

The Billetproof Florida Pin-Up Contest is back in 2018. There are prizes for the winners and a good time guaranteed for all. Follow the link below for info, rules and registration. Good Luck Dames and Dolls!

Billetproof Florida: March 10, 2018
Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing
13700 SW 16th Avenue
Ocala, Florida

Click here to register for the Pin-Up Contest

Registration will be held from till 03.08.2017.

Please read all rules and complete this form to enter the Pin-Up Contest 2018


**Contest Rules **

Please note you will need to attend Billetproof 2018 for more information check out http://billetproof.com/index.php/ocala-fl-march-10-2018/
All participants must be 18 years of age or older with a valid I.D..
Contestants must wear era appropiate Pin-up theme outfit. Dresses, circle and pencil skirts, wiggle dresses, blouses, capris, high-wasted shorts, and vintage style swimwear. No exposed belly buttons, no nudity, no props, no flashing, no pasties, no lingerie outfits, no bikinis/thongs and no Halloween style costumes. If you are unsure what you want to wear fits these rules, just ask or send us a photo.
If your outfit is not appropriate for the theme, officials will ask you to change or you will be automatically disqualified. Every effort should be made to be classic in style and in good taste.
Register online at www.signupandpinup.com .
Contestants must be dressed and ready at (location pending) to receive entry number and last minute instructions.
Contest time is TBD
Each contestant will be announced numerically and will enter the stage. The contestants will announce her stage name and say something about herself.
The judges will rank the contestants based on glamour and authenticity.
No negative speech, attitudes or behavior permitted at any time. On or off the stage. NO BAD WINNERS OR SORE LOSERS ALLOWED.
No one is to speak with the judges, contributors, organizers, etc, in an attempt to sway voting in their favor. If this occurs the contestant (and above mentioned party, if they do not report it) will be evicted from the contest and banned from reentry, no excuses or exceptions.

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