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Billetproof Michigan 2012 Pics and Thanks

The weather was STUNNING and the park was good and dry this year, no swamp in the center like last year. That meant parking in the shade and better layout than having all the cars around the edge. The only bummer of the day was the HORRIFIC traffic on the freeways that held some up for over 2 hours and caused more than a few to turn back and head for home.

Thanks to the Kruzin Nutz who worked hard to make sure everyone got in and out smoothly. Thanks to Guy Z who lead us all on a nice backroad cruise on Friday up to the Rousch Collection… and thanks to all the came out and had a good time.

Looks like we can do a burn-out contest next year and we’ll have a few more surprises for ya.

as for the cars? Wow, the quality of rides just keeps getting better and better at Billetproof Michigan. Its great to see the cars at the show, then come home and find several of them featured in recent magazines.