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Billetproof Washington 2012 – Pictures and Thanks

We knew that eventually the show would live up to its name. In the Great Northwest is can rain out of a clear blue sky, so the chances of a good shower during Billetproof went up with each passing year. The first 4 years saw sunny skies and GREAT weather. This year it all caught up with us. Friday was just cloudy, but sat. morning the rain started and it lasted until the start of the cruise at 6pm.

Despite this a pretty good number of cars and spectators showed up (more than we would have guessed) at the fairgrounds. We spent friday afternoon emptying buildings to make space for cars and vendors and it worked out PERFECT. The buildings gave the show a cool vibe. Each had its own flavor, music, clubs and style of cars. We might leave the buildings open from here on out. It adds something pretty cool to the show.

Would like the thank the Slo-Pokes for getting everyone in and out smoothly and helping out all year to make this a great show. Thanks goes out the other clubs that showed up and pitched in with the trophies. And to all that spent a day in the rain having a good time. Just goes to show that “happy pants” come in rain-proof as well.

Sorry I wasnt out and about more at the show, a couple of days before hand I was diagnosed with pneumonia and pulmonary distress induced atrial fibrillation.. so I had to take it easy. Turns out standing in the rain or a day and a half doesnt really help the condition, so I’m going to bed now. Thanks to all and see ya soon!!